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The Trustees receive, hold and manage, when occasion requires, the property of Presbytery and convey and dispose of the same according to the terms of the trust, in obedience to the rules, laws, and regulations of the Presbyterian Church in America as set forth in the Book of Church Order

22 RE Fredric Marcinak, esq.
22 RE Philip J. Temple, esq. -CONVENER
23 RE Mark Bakker, esq.
23 RE Steve Britton, esq.
24 RE Tripp Lehn, esq.
24 RE Bobby H. Mann, Jr., esq.


The Administration Committee is responsible for maintaining the order of the Presbytery’s Stated Meetings. This Committee facilitates communication between its permanent committees by maintaining consistency with and oversight of the approved Manual.

22 RE Fredric Marcinak-CHAIRMAN
22 TE James Norris
23 RE Henry Strunk
23 TE Brian Habig

Presbytery Officers
Moderator 21 TE Richard Winston
Moderator: 22 RE Philip J. Temple
Stated Clerk: RE Melton L. Duncan (Advisory)
Treasurer: RE David Bragdon (Advisory)

Current Presbytery Comm. Chairmen
Campus Ministry: TE Justin Kendrick
Candidates: RE Rick Heiser
MNA: TE Josh Martin
Nominations: RE Philip Temple
Sessional Records: TE John Butler
Shepherding: TE Dan Dodds

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministries Committee helps spread the Gospel to students on local campuses through strategic placement of ordained ministers through Presbytery and congregational support.

22 TE Jonathan Davis
22 RE Mark Dodd
23 RE Bill Mayfield
23 TE David Sinclair
24 RE Dylan Nass
24 TE Chad Bailey
25 TE Justin Kendrick
25 RE Jim Lollis


The Candidates Committee seeks to enlarge the Church by receiving, shepherding, and advising candidates for the ministry.

22 RE Rick Hollifield
22 TE Tim Udoj
23 RE Jeff Wayne, Sr.
23 TE Mark Reed
24 RE Rick Heiser-CHAIRMAN
24 TE Brian Habig
25 RE Jamie Lightcap
25 TE Richard Winston
26 RE Mastin Robeson
26 TE Andrew Newman

Mission to North America

The MNA Committee devises measures for the enlargement of the Church within the bounds of Presbytery and serves interested parties, local churches, and the Presbytery in the assisting, forming, receiving, and dissolving of churches.

22 D William B. Harley, Jr.
22 RE Roy Liddell
22 RE Ken Safford
22 TE Joshua A. Martin – CHAIRMAN
22 TE Bruce Tjelta
23 TE Paul Sanders
23 TE Tony Rogers
23 RE Jeff Wayne, Jr.
23 RE Bill Pierce
23 D Charlie Livingston
24 RE Ron Hoyle
24 RE Bob Caldwell
24 TE Michael Morales
24 TE Bud Griffith
24 D Jeremy Weaver
25 TE Jeff Heiser
25 TE Zachary Groff – TREASURER
25 RE Tim Taylor
25 RE Don Barefoot
25 D Jason Yon


The Nominations Committee identifies and nominates people to serve on the Permanent and Special Committees of Calvary Presbytery and on Committees of Commissioners and Permanent Committees of the General Assembly.

22 RE (OPEN)
22 TE Richard Thomas
23 TE Joseph Pipa Jr.
23 RE Philip Temple-CHAIRMAN
24 RE Jimmy Green
24 TE Nick Turner
25 TE Richard Winston
25 RE Ken Huff

Session Records

The Committee of Sessional Records reviews the minutes of church Sessions for conformity to the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in America.

21 (OPEN)
22 RE Terry Richards
22 TE Kenny Maple
23 RE Kevin Mobley
23 TE David Story
24 RE E. C. Burnett
24 TE John Owen Butler-CHAIRMAN
25 RE John Kufuss
25 TE Roy Taylor


The Shepherding Committee promotes the peace and purity of the Church by careful oversight of Ministers and Sessions and Congregations of the Presbytery.

22 TE Jim Stephenson
22 TE Paul Patrick
22 RE John Barkman
22 RE Bruce Jobe
23 RE Brian Hamby
23 RE Philip Temple
23 TE Marty Martin
23 TE Ron Hughes
24 RE Ross Walters
24 RE Bill Johnson
24 TE Rod Mays
24 TE Jack Beall
25 RE Randy Gordon
25 TE Joe Dentici
25 TE Dan Dodds
25 RE Scott Hultstrand

Theological Examination

The Examining Committee examines and recommends candidates for the holy ministry to the Presbytery for Licensure and Ordination.

22 RE Bud Shevick
22 TE Richard D. Phillips
23 RE John Shaw
23 TE Richard Thomas
24 RE Derek Scott
24 TE Jonathan Master
25 RE Adam Bruyere
25 TE Robert Cathcart