The Trustees receive, hold and manage, when occasion requires, the property of Presbytery and convey and dispose of the same according to the terms of the trust, in obedience to the rules, laws, and regulations of the Presbyterian Church in America as set forth in the Book of Church Order

Convener: RE Philip Temple


The Administration Committee is responsible for maintaining the order of the Presbytery’s Stated Meetings. This Committee facilitates communication between its permanent committees by maintaining consistency with and oversight of the approved Manual.

Chairman: TE Fredric Marcinak

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministries Committee helps spread the Gospel to students on local campuses through strategic placement of ordained ministers through Presbytery and congregational support.

Chairman: TE Justin Kendrick


The Candidates Committee seeks to enlarge the Church by receiving, shepherding, and advising candidates for the ministry.

Chairman: TE Richard Winston

Mission to North America

The MNA Committee devises measures for the enlargement of the Church within the bounds of Presbytery and serves interested parties, local churches, and the Presbytery in the assisting, forming, receiving, and dissolving of churches.

Chairman: TE Joshua Martin


The Nominations Committee identifies and nominates people to serve on the Permanent and Special Committees of Calvary Presbytery and on Committees of Commissioners and Permanent Committees of the General Assembly.

Chairman: RE Fredrick Marcinak

Session Records

The Committee of Sessional Records reviews the minutes of church Sessions for conformity to the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Chairman: RE Terry Richards


The Shepherding Committee promotes the peace and purity of the Church by careful oversight of Ministers and Sessions and Congregations of the Presbytery.

Chairman: TE Dan Dodds

Theological Examination

The Examining Committee examines and recommends candidates for the holy ministry to the Presbytery for Licensure and Ordination.

Chairman: RE Jimmy Green