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The Diaconate

A Word and Deed Ministry



Here are two new opportunities to learn and to serve:

1) January 25, Installing a “Shed of Hope” workshop.

“Sheds of Hope” is a ministry of MNA Disaster Relief that grew out of several natural disasters in recent years. It is an 8x8x8 wood building that is given to a family as soon as possible after a disaster. The shed is provided free of charge and is made up of treated lumber and plywood. Their primary purpose is provide a place for a family to store and lock their personal valuables after a disaster to their home.

Our Word and Deed ministry constructed two sheds during the Covid months, we were waiting for a need to arise locally but decided that we need to use them wherever we know of a need.  So, we are now prepared to assemble them and place them in two locations within our Presbytery.

On January 25, we will have a workshop on how to assemble a shed for disaster relief situations. Our Regional coordinator, Steve Jessen, will teach us how to establish a foundation and then assemble a shed. We will meet at 10:00 am in Newberry at the following location:

501 O’Neal Street, Newberry, SC 29108. The shed will be used by a ministry called GAAP (God’s Abundance for All People) which is a food pantry and weekly hot meal to those in need. Smyrna PCA is actively involved with this ministry. We invite anyone interested to join us. Please contact Dan Ratchford if you have any questions.

2) February 21. Skid Steer Training.

One of the most valuable tools for disaster cleanup is a skid steer. On this day, Steve Jessen will be teaching those interested in the use of a skid steer. At the end of the class time and practice on a mini skid steer, you will be certified to operate one on a worksite. We will meet at Covenant PCA in Easley, 4500 SC-86, Easley, SC 29642. Please let us know if you would like to attend, you must RSVP. Please contact Dan Ratchford (803-960-6716) if you can join us or have any questions.

Our Mission

  • To organize, coordinate and encourage Diaconal ministries in Calvary Presbytery.
  • To empower our Deacons to the work of ministry in their local church, in our Presbytery and in the PCA.
  • To foster diaconal relationships and the sharing of “best practices” in our churches.
  • To help local diaconates in developing local ministries in areas such as: homeless shelters, prisons/jails, poverty needs, senior adult needs, local pro life ministries, food kitchens, church security issues, etc.

Team Members

  • Dan Ratchford (Chairman)
  • Cal Gilvin (Secretary)
  • Allen Lohmann
  • Doug Pinkham
  • Bruce Piesch
  • Larry Smith
  • Billy Oates
  • Tom Haymon
  • Mike Apol

Contact Us

Dan Ratchford is a TE at Smyrna PCA in Newberry and the designated contact for diaconal matters

Call (803) 960-6716 or email