The Diaconate

A Word and Deed Ministry

Our Mission

  • To organize, coordinate and encourage Diaconal ministries in Calvary Presbytery.
  • To empower our Deacons to the work of ministry in their local church, in our Presbytery and in the PCA.
  • To foster diaconal relationships and the sharing of “best practices” in our churches.
  • To help local diaconates in developing local ministries in areas such as: homeless shelters, prisons/jails, poverty needs, senior adult needs, local pro life ministries, food kitchens, church security issues, etc.

Team Members

  • Dan Ratchford (Chairman)
  • Cal Gilvin (Secretary)
  • Allen Lohmann
  • Will Zettler
  • Doug Pinkham
  • Bruce Piesch
  • Ken Pujdak
  • Larry Smith

Plans, Needs & Events

  1. Our goal is to have contacts with all 40+ of our churches. We have names from about 20 churches at this time. Our secondary goal is to have the churches divided into 4 regional teams and a phone network developed so we can quickly mobilize when needed.
  2. Our first organized focus is Disaster Relief. Our group is currently building two “Sheds of Hope” to be used to help families in disaster situations. We assembled 4 Sheds in Seneca this past April. If you would like to know more about Sheds of Hope, please contact us.
  3. Our greatest need at this moment is to find a location to place a storage unit to house our disaster trailers, our equipment and supplies. This will be our command center to organize all our deacons and volunteers. If any of our churches have a section of land that we might use, please let us know.
  4. We encourage our churches to get involved in disaster relief be going to the MNA website and learning how to build a Shed of Hope or fill Relief buckets or make hygiene

Contact Us

Dan Ratchford is a TE at Smyrna PCA in Newberry and the designated contact for diaconal matters

Call (803) 960-6716 or email